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you're playing with the big boys now

we'll make you wish you were never born

10/6/05 02:17 pm - its been eating my bloody muffins

there is a cat underneeth my bed and its bneen eatin my cakes and stuff

its ugly as sin and naked and i think its diseased

it wont shut up mewoin either

if the owner wants this thing back they better cough up some com compan companensation or else theyre never gettin there cat back

9/2/05 03:58 pm - Congratulations are in order.

Glad my knees are all better. i'm also glad we have a new headmaster. Dumby never really did know what he was doing. Heard he finally popped his clogs though.

anyway, I'm looking forward to this year. I have a feelign its going to be lots and lots of fun.

Congrats to Draco on his new positions as Head Boy.

8/18/05 11:42 am - there are goats out there that havent been kicked in the ARSE YET





7/30/05 03:00 pm

Tons of muffins and cakes coming in from relatives who heard about my injury.

Vince, get your arse over here I cant eat this all by myself.

7/15/05 11:31 am

greg's knee caps were split by a weird curse

someone told me boot did it

i'm not going to tell greg

7/3/05 09:47 pm - OI!


Bout time we all got smashed good and proper. When, if not now, ey?

6/29/05 05:03 pm

recieved an owl from my da

he i better have studied

or else im not allowed to come home

glad me and greg spent the last few weeks studieing

5/22/05 06:43 pm

Well Im glad that Rita Skeeter lady got things cleared up about what Draco's dad was doing. It's important to know what's going on I guess. Evveryone needs a chance. Especially death eaters and the such. I mean, look at Dumbledore. Hes a horrible headmaster but everyone says let him do what he wants and he does.

The swamps gone and I'm happy about that. Vince was getting sort of weird about haveing dry socks.

I have to go study now because my dad says that goyles need to study early or else we don't get good grade. Vincent started about two months ago because the Crabbes need to study even earlier. No idea why.

5/2/05 01:33 pm - greg's having some problems with a hinkypunk so ill update

walked into the common room today

socks got wet

note to self

send owl home asking for food an dry socks

4/22/05 07:01 pm - Funny girl.

Right, well theres not much to report on because my backside is still hurting, vince and I have given up on T.T.S.B.K.O.S and I was laughing so hard yesterday because I say that weird girl with the hair and she was walking backwards and muttering.

So Loon,y don't be surprised if Vince chucks something at your head. He thinks you're funny and thats what he does when he likes something. And guess what, I think he's going too. He's got the T.T.S.B.K.O.S badges to chuck.
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